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1 Feb , 2016,
Heidi Kumm
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Life has been crazy…a different kind of crazy than I’m usually giddy about. The “adulting” kind of crazy where everything revolves around going to work, working, washing clothes for work, making lunches for work and sometimes sleeping. Not exactly glamorous but I’m surviving and finding a way to enjoy it.

I’ve also found a little snippet of time to make a few changes here in my little corner of the internet! As of today will be fading away while I spend my time writing + oversharing here, on I’ll give you no “growing up” or “moving on” explanation simply because I don’t have one. I wanted a change and this just kind of happened! You’ll notice both Instagram + Twitter have switched over to @heidikumm, too. Of course, run.around.aroo won’t be going anywhere, it’s fun to scroll back through old photos + recaps + stories, it just won’t be updated from here on out. Update your readers and all that jazz…because, why not?!


But, enough about the internet, here’s what I’ve been doing in my life outside the invisible, flaunting walls of the internet…

…tossing fresh chopped tomatoes in with cheap queso because they were going bad, besides they make it healthy, right?

…running when I can, in the snow and in the sunshine. With Max and alone. In the mountains and in the city.

…working, a ton. But the mix of hospitality + customer service is keeping me from going crazy.

…not snowboarding, which is sad considering I have a season pass that’s just waiting for me to use it.

…watching Game of Thrones, about two years later than everyone else.

…plotting the details of my summer — it will involve a lot of moving around, running shoes and long miles.

…trying to decide what to do with my hair — keep growing it out or keep it styled short for a bit?! #biglifedecisions

…keeping tabs on cost of flights headed back to Switzerland because, why not?!

…attempting to learn Spanish with a little help from an actual college class + Duolingo. Success rate = 28% per Duolingo!

…spending a few days a week working at the Ibotta offices in Denver. It’s been worth the drive, if only to see familiar faces!

…seriously impressed with Lynne’s ability to stick to the Whole30 — she has me thinking about what I eat, but only thinking.

…shoulder dancing in my car because I’ve finally figured out how to change up a sulky mood. Just shoulder dance!

…making big plans for a summer of trail running, pacing, crewing and enabling crazy people into crazy things!

…back to waking up at 5:xxam without an alarm. I’m definitely a GOOD MORNING kind of person! GOOD MORNING!

…a little nervous about next month’s round of survival training. I feel like my skills are very rusty + winter camping is cold!

And I think those are the highlights. Makes my life sound super exciting, right?! All the more reason to spice up my February a bit with some unplanned adventures and a few legitimate conversations in Spanish, if all goes well. Until things get exciting…enjoy the new home of my internet overshares!


  1. Kovas Palubinskas February 5, 2016 at 8:27 am Reply

    Great to change - it’s inevitable, right?

    • Heidi Kumm February 5, 2016 at 9:10 am Reply

      It’s kind of fun to switch things up! Usually…

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