Looks like winter has arrived…sort of? I don’t remember when snow first showed up last season, but I do know I was hiking well above 11,000 feet in November wearing a tank top on a nearly snow-free trail! Maybe winter is actually arriving early this year?! Because it’s here! Of course, it won’t stick around as it’s already melting, but we got a nice little taste of winter this weekend…right after we soaked up miles of fall. We’re in the midst of one of Mother Nature’s full-blown mood swings! Don’t believe me? Here’s a peek at the last four days here in Silverthorne…

Saturday; All the Fall

Sunday; Snowy Peaks

Monday; Winter Wonderland

Tuesday; Bluebird Skies

We’ve swung from t-shirt clad hikes to bundled up snow days to slushy mud-fests in a handful of days. Colorado + fall have never mixed well. We’re much better at an 80-degree day in November + snow in September than one would expect. I guess I shouldn’t complain — it keeps things interesting + gives me an excuse to consider leggings + scarves an appropriate outfit about 8 months out of the year.

I’ll spend the next month complaining about the threat of winter — colder temperatures, icy windshields, muddy trails — but deep down inside I’m kind of loving it. In part because it’s amazing how Mother Nature manages to change so dramatically. But also because it keeps me on my toes + gives me a taste of everything my trails + mountains have to offer.

So…welcome, Old Man Winter…please be kind to us all this season. We need your snow but maybe not weeks of sub-zero temperatures. Is that too much to ask?!

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