Sometimes I have a million + a half words to throw down on a page. Words about the trail or words about my feelings or words of advice or…just words. Other times, I have no words. Or at least I don’t have words that make any sense or follow any logical thought process. That is me, right now. I have a lot on my mind, but it doesn’t quite make sense yet.

I tend to use the trails to force myself into my own head space, where I can slowly work through whatever is floating around up there. Lately, there has been a lot of “think it out” trail time. It’s all good thoughts, so I’ll take it as a good thing. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to hang out with views like this…

Well, Max may have something to say…he’s always judging me for my trail selfies. People say cats are judgemental but have you ever gotten the side-eye from a dog?! Yea, they judge, hard.

My life is once again falling into place — as life always does. Things may not always go as planned or as expected, but it’s amazing what you can become happy with + excited about…if you keep an open mind. I’ve been manning a hot dog stand in a touristy mountain town. Life goal? Naw. Happy days? Of course! It’s all in perspective…

I got this early morning view + solitude up on Rabbit Ears because I was flying solo in Steamboat Springs for the week. I had the choice to sip lattes or chase summits. Now, I promise you I will never be someone who *always* chases summits [I’m writing this as I’m sipping a latte], but when the summits win out…they’re worth it.

So, I guess this rambling, that started out with “I have no words” is…words, about adjusting your expectations to fit what life has to offer at the moment. Right now, I’m happy, with what I have. Lattes + summits + people + love + trails + Max + shameless selfies…

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