Taking on Switzerland

I’m back! Back in Switzerland + on my way back to the tiny mountain town I fell in love with a few years ago. I booked my flight to Switzerland as soon as I accepted that winter job in the Colorado Rockies last October. As ridiculous as it seems, I was legitimately concerned I’d get a “real job” [seasonal as it was] + forget how to leave the country. My crazy doesn’t always make sense, but this time it got me back to Switzerland so I won’t apologize for it!


Life in Switzerland

My trip to Switzerland was rather impromptu. I had plans to travel to France for one of the UTMB races [the baby sister of the famed ultra, the OCC] in August and the more time I spent attempting to plan my extra 10 days in France I realized…10 days is […]


I just did a search on my site + realized I have been writing these “currently” posts since late 2014, almost four years. In those years I have only missed a few updates + usually because I’m way too busy living to remember to write about living. That’s a good […]

Training While Traveling

I’ve been abroad for the past four weeks + traveling on a weekly basis for the past two months. To say my life has been all over the place would be…well, a very literal statement. There was still snow on the ground in Colorado when I signed up for the […]