I have a whole list of things I’m supposed to be doing. There’s a schedule + each color means something different + getting it all done will make me happy. Except, right at this moment, I’m listening to Shania Twain + Reba McEntire on Spotify while sipping away at a quad shot latte. I’m not exactly all that motivated to pull social media analytics or reply to emails or create strategies. Instead I want to write. Because I can.

So, I will.

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve sat myself down to just spill my feels all over the internet, so here goes. You’re welcome, in advance.

**I’m running the Silverton Ultra Marathon 100K, which is working hard to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of SW Colorado…give me one more reason to run + donate today!**

My biggest ‘oh geez, how is that going to work’ stress inducer in my life right now is running. Apparently a part of me still considers myself a ‘runner’ + seems to think I’m capable of covering long stretches of trail on my feet. Approximately 62 miles…at the Silverton Ultra Marathon 100K…in just one month.

The Silverton Ultra Marathon 100K

At the moment I’m a fairly confident I can run a half marathon with a smile + probably survive a marathon without actually dying. The next 40 miles? Well, that’s a completely crap shoot + I have no idea how my body will hold up to the abuse. At this point, all I can do it get time on my feet + get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Which is exactly what I’m doing.

In the past two weeks I’ve spent all but one day doing something active…+ if you’re willing to count ‘sweaty VR video gaming’ as a workout than every day has had some sort of activity. I don’t actually want my legs to fall off, so some days it’s just a downhill-ish bike ride to work. But other days it’s a 20 mile ride to/from work or a 12 mile trek up a mountainside or two hours on the trail with a stoked-on-life dog.

This is where I am with training…which I’m actually pretty proud of, considering the chaos my life has offered up in the past 10+ weeks. After months away from home, living out of a backpack or on the road, my legs are still functional, my brain is still capable + my immune system hasn’t let me down!

Although, I will admit, with the chaotic bout of training I have spent many miles pondering my decision to run this race. I won’t lie…last week I searched the SUM website for a way out. Could I defer to next year? Transfer to a shorter distance? Get a full refund? Well…no. According to the site I can’t. Which I respect. I know how much work goes on behind the scenes at trail races + people being all indecisive with their race choices is frustrating. So, since I can’t easily get out of this race I’m going to run it…with a purpose.

Donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Silverton Ultra Marathon has put a big focus on giving back the community via trail work + fundraising. Since it’s not feasible to make the 5+ hour drive to Silverton for trail work I am focusing my efforts on fundraising. All of the SUM race proceeds go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Colorado. Now, I don’t personally have a lot of post-high school experience with BBBS, but I do volunteer with SOS Outreach. Both of these programs focus on providing mentors for our younger generation. Luckily, with our backyard being the Rocky Mountains, this often involves getting the kids outdoors.

In my experience as a mentor at SOS Outreach I have witnessed kids taking on outdoor challenges [snowboarding is hard, y’all!] + then apply that mentality to life in general. Yes, you’d love to yell at your snowboard + blame the snow for your fall…but instead take a deep breath + think about how *you* could have handled that turn differently. Works for snowboarding, works for real life.

Having someone there to talk to, to connect with + to just be outside with is important for these kids. You might not be able to be that person, but you can help those kids get into contact with someone who can.

Make a donation to BBBS today, via this link [bit.ly/makeheidirun], + you’ll be making difference in the life of a kid living in the mountains. You’ll be giving someone a chance to actually experience the wilderness that dominates their backyard. You’ll also be offering these kids something wholesome + meaningful to do with their free time…which will greatly reduce their drug/alcohol use + keep them motivated to succeed in life. Cliche? May sound that way, but it’s not, I promise.

Donate Today!

At the very least…give me one more reason to run. I promise to roll my eyes at you when I’m swearing at rocks + wishing I could just crawl into a car or attach myself to someone’s back. Because, that’s what running is all about, right?!


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