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Travel Guilt

08 Jun 17
Heidi Kumm
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It’ll hit you when you least expect it. For me, it was as I was driving down a narrow mountain road completely mesmerized by the fresh snow on the mountain peaks towering above, happy. Incredibly happy. The kind of happy that makes your insides feel like a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Everything seems right in the world + I was invincible to the doubts of reality.

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Creating Change

04 Nov 16
Heidi Kumm
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Creating Change; On My Terms

Life changes; always. It is these constant changes that keep us on our toes + hopefully loving the life we live. However, change is never easy. It doesn’t matter how much you claim to love change, it is never exceptionally easy. The essence of change itself brings a level of uncertainty + chaos into your life. How you cope with this newfound stress is what defines you as a person + determines how much you end up enjoying your own life. Or, at least, that’s what I tell myself every time I’m forced to deal with another bout of change [something I claim to enjoy].

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Real Talk: People Make the World Go Round

12 Oct 15
Heidi Kumm
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Welp, I’m officially a year old than I was on this date 365 days ago! More notably, I am 29 years older than I was 10,585 days ago. Probably. In all my time on this earth I have never been that great at math. What I’m trying to say…in a lot if words, something I’ve always been good at…is that today is my birthday.

I toyed with the idea of going in a grand adventure but instead I watched Ice Age while eating breakfast in bed, took the long trail to the grocery store, snagged a train ride home and retreated back to my bed with all the snacks. Why? Definitely not because there aren’t any adventures to be had, I have quite a to-do list waiting for me.

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