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Snow Tubing at Loveland Pass

20 Feb 17
Heidi Kumm
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Snow Tubing at Loveland Pass

The best life lessons are learned in the wilderness, right?!

Such as “if it makes your heart flutter, do it” + “just huck yourself over the edge + hope for the best”.

These are the life lessons you’ll come upon when you lug a snow tube along the ridge of the Continental Divide trail on Loveland Pass. The guys were up there the week before with pristine conditions — fluffy snow + full coverage. We were not so lucky this time around. Instead of being greeted with a mountain cloaked in fresh snow we were staring down at a rocky, bare slope with patches of snow. This was our launching point. We had two choices — huck our bodies over the edge + hope we’d manage to stay atop our tube or turn back.

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