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Snowshoeing Lily Pad Lake

Snowshoeing Lily Pad Lake

There is a first time for everything...the first big snow of the season, your first time snowshoeing, being the first to break trail, first time out to Lily Pad Lake. First times are fun, ask anyone who's survived the rush of trying something new. However, there seems to be a tipping point. Add enough first times to the same experience + it goes from being exciting to exhausting rather quickly. Last week, we found that tipping point! (more…)

By Heidi Kumm, ago
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My Last Hurrah…

When my count down to the "Last Day At Vail Resorts!" stumbled to an end I jumped right into my two weeks of...freedom. I was finally down to just one job! I had a sliver of free time and I could spend it however I wanted; not just sleeping! And that's exactly what I did. It wasn't until late last night that I realized this -- on Monday I'm essentially saying "good-bye" to Colorado for...I have no idea how long. Oh, I'm excited, I'm ready for another bout of change and I have an incredible summer ahead of me. However, I am going to miss Colorado! From the mountain views to the adventurous people to the winding trails to the local cafes....I'm going to miss Colorado and I am going to miss Summit County! Thankfully I've been a lucky duck and I've taken some serious advantage of my free time... (more…)

By Heidi Kumm, ago

Snowshoe Shenanigans!

In preparation for our trek around Torres del Paine in Chile I decided it was necessary for Logan and I to figure out how we deal with stress…you know, in case something goes wrong in a foreign country where neither of us speak the language. Besides, a little misery training always does a person good, right?! That is how our plan to summit a winter 14er came to be – we were going to put ourselves in a situation that would result in misery for the sole purpose of making sure neither of us got murdered for being annoying, whining or generally unlikable. Looking back I basically created the perfect plan for my own death. Luckily we were able to convince Robb to join us. And by convince I really mean I said “Hey, can we crash at your place Saturday night? Oh, and by the way, you should come hike a mountain with us Sunday!”. What can I say, he’s agreeable like that! (more…)

By Heidi Kumm, ago
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