Let’s jump into the important stuff…like the fact it’s my birthday month. Yay, aging? Okay, so that’s not the most important thing happening in my life right now, but it will be my rebuttal to any agreement presented to me for the next 31 days. You’ve been warned. Start an argument, I dare you…okay, okay…just kidding. I’d rather eat cake.

I’m in a weird in-between land where I’m not exactly employed but not quite unemployed, a ‘life limbo’ if you will. My winter job doesn’t kick off until November + my random ‘make ends meet’ gigs are winding down. Unfortunately, the fall weather has been out in full force + it’s become miserably obvious I’m a ‘fair weather’ adventurer when the couch is calling. Whoops.

So, what am I doing while I’m not really working but not quite free of all adult responsibilities + also not quite hardcore enough to head outside for miles + miles of trail every day?! This is how I’ve been occupying my time, currently…

…revamping my website, creating a Facebook Page + playing around with Pinterest.

…hoping those links entice you to click on thru + then follow/like, because being a newbie page on FB is lonely!

…slathering hot dogs with all sorts of toppings up in Steamboat Spring at the Hungry Dog [one of those ‘make ends meet’ gigs].

…offering up hours upon hours of my ‘ultra skills’ while volunteering at races around the state — namely Run, Rabbit, Run + Mountain RATS.

…balancing all that volunteering with a few EMS Unlimited gigs, meaning sometimes I do get paid to help out runners!

…prepping for a long week of volunteering in Utah in a few weeks — hours at the Canyonlands Other Half + days at the Moab 240.

…running no races, yet — all this volunteering is intentionally being used to get the race fun without actually racing.

…hoping, hoping, hoping my new composting worms stay alive + eat all my veggie scraps!

…planting herbs with plans to use their fresh, tasty leaves to whip up some tasty dishes this winter.

…plotting out a few boxed garden beds for next summer — bring on the green beans, tomatoes + cukes!

…reading about 8 books, no joke + a weird mix of audio, e-book, library books + purchased books.

…loving libraries — free books, free audio books, free wifi + sometimes coffee shops!

…planning to pack a few of those books along for a road trip through Utah’s National Parks!

…failing miserably at getting in Colorado’s Six Pack of Peaks before the snow settles in.

…sincerely happy to be home, just home.

…surprisingly good at “homesteading” with my brewed kombucha, a fresh sourdough starter, new recycling bins, composting worms + who knows what’s next.

…enjoying my downtime + taking Max outside for roaming adventures whenever the mood strikes.

So, that’s life, as I see it. Not bad, eh? It really truly is “not bad”…so “not bad” that it’s almost “freaking awesome”. I’m lucky + I love that these ‘currently’ posts do such a fantastic job of reminding me what I have going for me. Even when everything is perfectly great it is still really easy to panic about the what if’s or stew about in self-doubt…because life can’t actually stay this great, can it?! I don’t know. Maybe? I guess the only way to truly find out is to keep on doing life + report back.

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