Last year I took on the Colorado Six Pack of Peaks Challenge…but failed at completing it. I did spend time in the mountains + I did explore some new-to-me trails, but I didn’t get up all the peaks. But that’s okay, because that is just how the mountains + life works. Right? Well, I sure hope so because that’s what I’m telling myself!

Read more about last year’s plans // Six Pack of Peaks; Colorado Style

As you saw in my previous post about self-imposed unrealistic expectations [usually followed up with an unhealthy dose of self sabotage] I am a bit hesitant to say “THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR…to do all the things”. Mostly because I can’t do all the things + telling the world [+ myself] that I can just leads to mess unpleasant emotions. I don’t want that. No one wants that.

That said, I do tend to find my happy on the trails…so restricting myself from the trails seems a bit extreme. In an effort to find a happy medium between “do all the trails” + “avoid all the trails” I am going to take on this challenge…but without strict, self-imposed rules. I’m putting these summits on my to-do list + will keep them in the forefront of my mind when planning weekend adventures.

Colorado Six Pack of Peaks

Bergen Peak // 9.6 miles to a 9,708′ summit
Rocky Mountain // 6 miles to a 9,250′ summit
Birthday Peak // 10.3 miles to a 12,730′ summit
Horseshoe Mountain // 6.4 miles to a 13,898′ summit
Mount Sherman // 5.25 miles to a 14,035′ summit
Grays Peak // 8.6 miles to a 14,270′ summit

Each of these peaks is attainable without excessive endurance or technical skill, which will work out great for my current state of mind…a bruised ego + under-trained body! I’ll even be able to coerce friends to join me on a handful of these, I’m sure of it! Of those peaks, I have only seen the summit of Bergen + Sherman before. The rest will all be new to me. They are all within a few hours drive from my mountain home + completely attainable.

Just as I did last year, I have a few bonus miles planned for some of these peaks. I know some of these trails + mountain ranges quite well, so linking them together adds to the experience. This is a rough outline of how I hope to tackle the Colorado Six Pack of Peaks Challenge…

Bergen Peak — recruit friends + their pups to tag along for a weekend adventure.
Rocky Mtn — tag along with one of Robb’s work trips down the area + hike while he works?
Birthday Peak — celebrating my birthday, on a peak aptly named!
Horseshoe Mtn — camp at the TH + combine with Peerless Mountain, for a lollipop hike.
Mt Sherman — same weekend as Horseshoe, combined with Mt Sheridan for a lollipop hike.
Grays Peak — taking a lesser-known route from Loveland Pass, via Cupid, Grizzly + Torreys.

The official ‘rules’ of the Colorado Six Pack of Peaks Challenge are simple…get outside + hike these peaks before October 31st! You pick the time, the pace, the route…just get it down before Halloween!

Yea…you! Because I have two entries into the Colorado Six Pack of Peaks Challenge up for grabs! Actually, these two entries will get you into *any* of the Six Pack of Peaks Challenges which include Colorado, Central Oregon, New England, Northern California + Southern California.

If you live in any of these areas [or plan on visiting them for an epic mountain adventure!] tell me about it! Why do you love those mountains? Why do you want an excuse to get up into those mountains? What draws you to the area?

Your comment will be your first entry into the giveaway for entry into the Six Pack of Peaks Challenge of your choice! Head over to my Instagram account + tag a friend in this post to get a bonus entry!

**photos are all from last year’s summit of Mount Bierstadt, a part of the 2017 Colorado Six Pack of Peaks**


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