I’ve spent the last few months…not writing, not overworking + not running. Instead, I’ve been wandering, planning + spending time doing not-so-crazy things with people I really enjoy being around. I don’t want to jinx myself by saying “life is slowing down”, but my life choices seem to be a bit more purposeful. The “because, why not” way of decision-making isn’t going anywhere, trust me. But I’ve been a bit more intentional with my choices lately.

For one of the first time since I started writing “currently” posts it actually feels truly purposeful to write this one. I always enjoy them for myself as reminders of life happenings. Lately I haven’t been writing much + have even fallen off the Instagram bandwagon a few times. This isn’t intentional, it simply happened very organically as my priorities shifted. A lot has been happening, but mostly behind the scenes + without epic story lines. So, without further a do, here’s what I’ve been doing, currently…

…just 12 days away from full-blown unemployment, again — leading to excitement + panic.

…watching the snow disappear after weeks of weather above freezing when we’re should be getting “spring snow”.

…scribbling, plotting + planning a few adventures for the summer, around the world.

…creating epic lists of necessities for a summer in the European mountains [then downsizing lists!].

…finalizing travel details — such as the Iceland campervan + Swiss Alps trail routes + maybe even a return flight.

…escaping to the snow mountains whenever possible for yurt adventures + cabin trips.

…preparing to survive my first river trip with a group of incredible co-workers [+ hopefully experienced river-ites].

…making more pies + meals because it turns out the kitchen really is my happy place. #whoknew

riding a mountain bike on single track for the first time in years [hating it, then getting comfortable enough to grin like a fool].

…spent a long weekend in the sands of Moab + actually feel a bit sad I won’t be able to go back for months.

…plotted a few Colorado adventures for late summer as consolation — Pawnee/Buchanan, 10 Mile Range, etc.

…completely ready to have a car when I return to the States this fall, I am finally missing the “do anything, any time” car-dependence.

…starting to run regularly; short distances + pavement…but regular running!

…still avoiding running goals + training plans, but finding other ways to put value on my time in running shoes.

…online shopping like a crazy person to get my gear ready for the summer — there are so many random things to buy!

…using a whole passel of NiteIze gear times to wrangle + pack my crazy array of gear together. #organization

…embracing the unknown + reminding myself I actually love my life, every freaking day + no matter what.

…still not a “dog person” but pretty on board with being “Max’s person” as he’s a rather rad dog + he gives free hugs!

…scheduled to take on a few science classes come August, just in case I want to get smarter in the medical field.

…overall, very excited about where life is going…a “usual” feeling I’m hoping to hang onto, forever.

And then, that’s all she wrote! All of the things happening…currently. At the moment life is not exactly Insta-awesome — my stories aren’t epic + my photos aren’t mind-blowing. Yet, I am really enjoying my free time.

Sometimes I do really boring things.

Like spending an entire Sunday reading books, eating cinnamon rolls + napping for an entire day. It wasn’t exciting enough to share with the world, but it was worth the people I shared it with. My heart went to bed that night very, very happy. This isn’t about to become an “every weekend” thing for me. But…I’m finally accepting my desire to make it an “every once in a while” thing in my life. That counts as growth, right?!

No, literally…we ate 12 delicious cinnamon rolls that day…along with a bag of chips + dip…growth definite happened!


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Roland · April 3, 2021 at 9:24 am

That is all good and great 🙂 and the future has exciting moments lining up. Good luck and enjoy!

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