The stressful part of my summer is officially over! As of last Thursday I was officially done with my classroom EMT training! I am “practically certified”, if you will. I have passed all of my NREMT practical exams but still need to take the intense written exam later this month. Up next, more training and classwork [IV, EKG, etc]. Turns out you spend a LOT of time advancing your knowledge and experience when you’re working in the pre-hospital field. Makes it rather depressing that we barely make minimum wage. Talk about irony – people can’t live without us but we literally cannot live by saving their lives. American priorities seem to be a little jacked up.

Beyond that, what’s going on in my life? A lot, of course. Why wouldn’t my life be a mess of crazy at every possible moment? Heaven forbid I get bored enough to sleep in or take the time to actually binge watch shows on Netflix! Here’s where life has taken me currently…

…I’m on my way to becoming a fully certified EMT, so I should probably find a job in that field, eventually. Up first, volunteering for experience!

…my running legs have returned! Recently I’ve volunteered at races, paced a 100K and taken on the Wild West Relay with the #1Stunnaz.

…even better, my body survived the hardest leg of the Wild West Relay without letting down my team, even I was surprised!

…I have cats back in my life! I’m only a temporary cat sitter but it’s fun to have insta-friends every time I open the door.

…marginally obsessed with podcasts like The Moth and Mortified - the stories put my life into perspective.

…refusing to care what people think of my country music obsession — loving my 90’s childhood songs + new stuff by Ballerini + Musgraves.

…my nose has an extra hole in it. It’s been almost two months and I’ve finally decided I like it, a lot. Sorry Mom!

…there has been a fair bit of camping in my life – and there will be MORE in the near future! Who knew stinky tent life was so much fun!

…I finally have a chance to go to the OR Show! This Wednesday I’m headed to SLC for what I expect to be an overwhelming experience.

…last month I spent $5 and 30 minutes to make myself a brunette. I don’t quite love it, but there’s enough hope I’m willing to keep it!

…every time my life dumps itself upside down it always uncovers this little pocket of awesome I never would have found without the crazy.

…I have incredible friends. Period. They are amazing and they are the reason I am allowed to be me. I’m very thankful for that.

…scheming + planning + researching international visa requirements with every free second. It’s time to go exploring!

…in search of a new phone + computer of sorts that will travel well + be functional internationally. Any suggestions?!

…feeling free because I’m finally allowed to love, for the sake of loving. Who knew feelings were so complicated?!

…also learning to reign in my crazy — being a girl is hard, especially when you have crazy emotions and KNOW they are irrational. Ugh.

…living by what I call “The Power of Why Not?” has opened a lot of doors for me…I’m vague blogging, but check back, cool stuff is happening!

For many people summer is coming to an end, but for me, it’s just beginning. I am doing my best to pack all of the summer fun possible into the next month or three. We’ll see how successful I am. I should probably start taking Emergen-C now so my body is ready! Happy August!


Natalie @ Free Range Human · August 5, 2021 at 7:18 am

Gosh, I miss you! So proud of your hard work this summer! P.S. John and I were just talking about how little EMTs get paid last night-completely agree that priorities are a wee bit messed up!

    Heidi Nicole · August 5, 2021 at 10:54 am

    Thank you! It’s been quite the summer!

    Right?! Americans pay more to get fat/unhealthy than they are willing to pay to have their lives saved! [a whole different rant = the cost of an ambulance ride vs. how much the people on said ambulance are being paid — private ambulance companies really jack with that]

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