Life isn’t exactly slowing down, but I’m finding a way to work a little more fun into the crazy. Both jobs are still in full force + I’m roaming around Summit County without a car. This has me sinking a ton of time into work + bus-muting. However, my free time has been put to really good use…sans running shoes.

Now that we’ve officially hit the second month of 2017 I can start my count down to the end of the season…just 68 days left! I’m also doing a fine job of surprising myself by making plans for next season. Who have I become?! Either way, this is what’s up; currently…

…still catching up on books, courtesy of Audible + mostly because I keep forgetting to cancel my subscription.

skinning up resorts, because there isn’t time for backcountry + then I can literally ride into work.

…being late for work because my binding was jacked + my “commute” down the mountain was delayed.

…cabin’ing + skinning around the backwoods of Northern Colorado, sans cell service + loving the solitude.

…getting excited about longer hair; two years after shaving my head my hair is inching toward the middle of my back!

…enjoying the outdoors after dark from the hot tub, with an ice cream sandwich in hand.

…building a snow fort around said hot tub, simply because we can [+ breaking totes in the process, oops].

…one step further into my career as an EMT + just a few clinicals away from getting my full-blown IV certification.

…figuring out how to let my feelings make choices when it comes to people, no just crazy life adventures.

…discovering that “learning to love” might actually be a thing; a thing I’m not that great it. #practicemakesperfect?

…planning my spring shenanigans which include the black sand beaches of Iceland + more trails in the Swiss Alps!

…coercing other people to buy plane tickets, just because exploring the world is more fun with friends.

…madly in love with my friends + all their awesome-ness [wouldn’t be where I am today without them!].

…volunteering at another race, because my dental bill is cutting into my race registration fund.

…walking around town a lot because Big Red wandered off to her owner + picking up a LOT of trash along the way.

…feeling a bit more confident in the backcountry after taking on Avy II training in a hut near Ouray.

…trying really hard to reign in my bossy ways when it really doesn’t matter.

…helping a friend invent a new latte — the French Toast Latte — then being amazed by her genius results!

…learning a bit about the fragility of life, one horrific mountain accident at a time.

…contemplating new hair colors but waiting until the end of the season; because “adult” jobs rules + such.

…avoiding the inevitable depression brought on by today’s political mess by finding hope in the little things.

That’s about it, mostly. There are a few random things working their way up to a boiling on my back burners, but we’ll get to those when they start to boil over. Until then, I really am focusing on the tiny things in life I have control over; like gathering up the trash along the sidewalk. A teeny, tiny thing but it just might make a different to someone’s or some bird’s life.


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