I’ve been riding a wave lately…one of those waves that violently crash down then swell back up. Life has been up + down, over + over. I started out the winter season excited about a full-time job in the medical field but a month later I was drowning in the chaos of an understaffed ER full of high acuity patients. I was a fish out of water, yet somehow I was drowning…every single day. I cried on my drive to/from work, I cried at work, I cried walking Max…I cried, a lot. On the plus side, it’s all balancing out.

I always struggle with the transition from my nomadic summer self to my over-employed winter self. You’d think it would get easier with time + practice. That doesn’t seem to be the case + I can’t figure out why. I’ve put a lot of focus on finding the source of the stress + tears without running away from responsibilities. It seems to be working. The past few weeks have been much more ‘normal’ + far less teary.

A lot of great things have been happening, so let’s focus on those for right now. On the lighter side of life, this is what my days are currenly full of…

…figuring out how to balance life as an EMT + not sure exactly where I want it to end up or how to get it there.

…purchased my flights to Europe for a bout of spring exploring, solo + with Robb, who’s coming for 10 days of UK road tripping.

…plotting the road trip around the island via campervan + more stoked than I expected.

…getting giddy on my snowboard again — both my splitboard + my resort board…but only when everyone else is off the mountain!

…taking on more responsibilities as a self employed freelancer + it’s going really well…I think I’m officially a writer now?!

…getting more consistent with my personal writing — trying to get a worthy post up once a week. Usually.

…changing up the permalinks on this site + dealing with the headache of swapping out all the URLs. Woo?

…finding a new way to feel accomplished with my days…colorful lists with fun pens!

…waking up by 6am every day, except today [first of the month = sleeping in!], to get my morning mojo back.

…genuinely excited about the new Ultimate Direction packs coming up this week!

…considering an ultra race this upcoming year, because I do truly miss my time spent on the trails.

…getting really good at making sourdough pizza with all sorts of tasty toppings.

…trying out new kombucha flavors [+ trying to give away my SCOBY mother to anyone who wants it!].

…finally able to admit I have a caffeine problem, but on the plus side I am becoming accustom to my straight black coffee made at home. #budgetfriendly

…oh, budgeting…it’s terrifying + I need to get back on the horse, especially after ‘see all the things’ trip we took to San Francisco.

…finding happy in long weekend trips to balance out life — including that aforementioned trip to San Francisco, just because.

Okay, so I think that’s the jist of it? Life was a wreck a month ago, but it’s balanced back out. If nothing else, it’s been a really solid reminder that things will get better + perseverance is usually worth it. Oh + Robb is amazing, especially when it comes to tossing out a narwhal pool floaty to help me keep my head above water…as my eyes leak enough tears to drown a whole village.

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100peaks · February 1, 2021 at 5:31 pm

Someday I’d love to meet you again and have some of your sourdough pizza.

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