Whoa. I almost forgot all about this post! I’ve been writing a “currently” post every two months for nearly two years. This is the first one I didn’t have planned out in my heads weeks in advance. Not kidding. Usually I’ll be dealing with some random part of my life and think “oh, that’s definitely a ‘currently’ thing”. This time? None of that. None. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy but really, I think it’s because I’ve been so focused on what’s happening in the exact moment I’m floating in that I literally have not taken the time to reflect. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I kind of miss looking back on the recent crazy of my life…so here goes!

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Which leads me to…what the heck have I been doing with my life lately? Honestly, living. A lot. And changing things up. A lot. Luckily, I like change because this is what’s been up, lately…

…living in Mexico. I wandered around Mexico City + Monterrey, played in the mountains + laid on a beach.

…enjoyed life on a beach, for nearly a full week. Even I was shocked. More surprising; I miss the beach!

…rocking the socks off some new tanlines; most notably at my ankles + across my shoulders. It’s like body art.

…attempted to climb Iztaccihualt + Pico de Orizaba, no dice on either. I’m still a little sad about that.

…finally snagged a summit at La Malinche. More details on that story coming up soonly. Probably.

…inhaling salads like it’s my job. Partly because I’m really enjoying them, partly because I have no stove.

…attempting to ramp up my miles in the name of training. Because, summer ultras.

…covering more vertical upness than miles per week, but I’m having fun doing it.

…sleeping in. Like, every day. I have not heard an alarm in weeks, I like the quiet sunshine wake ups!

…working, a lot. Even with all the exploring I’ve been doing I’ve also been hitting 40-50 hours/week. #adulting

…getting comfortable in a new culture + talking to friendly strangers on the trails. People are amazing.

…hand washing my clothes, because going to a laundromat requires too much planning. It’s surprisingly easy.

…not eating very many tacos, lately. But I ate them every. single. meal. at the beach!

…getting excited for my official summer to kick of in just over 10 days. It’s almost time to move into the #YourLead van!

…learning to understand myself + holding myself accountable for being me, even when no one is checking!

…feeling extremely thankful for technology — it’s the reason I still have friends “back home”.

…making plans with new people while traveling + really liking the interaction.

…fighting off a very strong urge to impulse adopt a kitten, then train it into an adventure cat.

…sort of hating on my logical side that is vetoing this cat idea. It’s a multiple-times-a-day thing now.

…discovering that rain in Mexico is 42% petroleum jelly. Furrealzies, everything is deadly slippery when wet!

…loving on the almost daily thunder storms that roll through Monterrey. [I could live here, mabye, for real]

…watching way too much Netflix/Amazon Prime — I think I have 7 shows + 2 movies partially finished.

That is definitely not all I have going on right now, I’m sure I’m missing many important details but for right now…that is what feels important. Everything is going to get turned upside down again in two weeks and I’m okay with that. I don’t know if I’m ready — I really do like it here in Monterrey — but, bring it on life.


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