I just did a search on my site + realized I have been writing these “currently” posts since late 2014, almost four years. In those years I have only missed a few updates + usually because I’m way too busy living to remember to write about living. That’s a good thing, right?! Either way, life has been happening…as it tends to do. It’s been four months since my last update like this + it’s safe to say I am crying much less. In part because I’m no longer working in the ER, but also because I’ve dug up enough self-confidence to survive the ER.

At the moment, I am draped across a couch in Chalet Martin, my go-to ‘home away from home’ in the Swiss Alps. I love it here, but after just five weeks away from my life in Colorado I’m *almost* ready to go back. It’s funny how people + the new normal they help you create changes your perspective on life. Last year I was gone four months…this year I only set myself up for six weeks away from Colorado. I think I’ve finally stopped being afraid of losing the girl who travels [+ cries on trains, which is how I defined her]. Instead, that girl is finding new ways to travel…ways that allow for a ‘back home’ she’s allowed to love + miss. Until I get there, here’s what has been happening, currently…

…finishing up nearly five weeks in Europe + headed to London today to meet Robb for a week of living along the roads of the United Kingdom.

…genuinely excited to head back to Colorado where I’ll settle in for a summer of hiking, running, camping + apparently gardening!

…full of high hopes for my abilities as a ‘latte artist’, a skill I hope to pick up as a barista at Red Buffalo Cafe!

…looking forward to getting to know my own backyard trails as well as I know the trails surrounding Chalet Martin, which means I *need* to spend more time outside in Summit County!

…continually being reminded I am a mountain person who hasn’t yet [+ may never?] figured out how to feel comfortable in the bustle of cities.

…kinda sorta in the midst of training for a trail race, as in I have a training plan on paper + I’m definitely not following it, but I am getting outside to run + explore on trails!

…really excited to be part of Team #TrailSisters [they’re adding new members!] + a co-host of the Run With Her Retreats [first one is in Boulder this August!].

…slowly but surely building up my portfolio as a freelance writer with a focus on outdoor adventures + sharing the stories of the trails. Some times here, some times on the sites of others but always enjoying the process of sharing.

…definitely allergic [or at least overwhelmed] by some, or all, of the beautiful wildflowers blooming all over the Swiss Alps — I’m mass producing green snot, losing my voice + sleeping upright at night. So sexy.

…still loving the mountains here tho, as proven by this video we made with some drone-age + sunset views >> Trail Running from Chalet Martin in Gryon, Switzerland.

…apparently old enough to have persistent back problems, to the point that I have taken to bribing my physical therapist friends into fixing me + giving me exercises to combat my ‘extremely weak’ shoulders.

…still using my EMT certification in the hospital setting through out the summer, which is new for me — usually I save that EMT’ing for the winter months.

…getting my trail race fix by working + volunteering at trail races all over Colorado + Utah, sometimes as medical but usually as the giddy girl who is way too stoked on getting you a cup o’ noodles!

…which means I’ll be living along the Kokopelli Trail in the desert heat for a week so I can help the Desert RATS Stage Race runners take on the trail day after day!

…learning the hard way that trails do not have to be up epic mountain peaks to be beastly enough to kick my ass, ahem, Cinque Terre

…officially an Outsider with ioMerino, which means I have one more excuse to wear all the colors while running around the trails + testing out new gear that I’m told will make me smell less?

…got my site all GDPR compliant [new personal privacy regulations from the EU] which has gotten me thinking about sending out monthly newsletters. If you’re interested, sign up now to get monthly updates of the oversharing on life + travel >> Oversharing Life Newsletter Sign-Up!

…with that, I’m out! Gryon’s local church bells just kicked off their 7 minutes of “hey y’all it’s noon!” which means it’s time for me to go scrounge up some food. If the rain holds off I’ll be lucky enough to move myself from the couch to a lawn chair where I can soak up some sunshine while munching on fresh bread, cheese + jam as I read my book. Yea, Swiss life really is that awesome…if you get all your to-do list checked off, or at least give yourself a true lunch hour away from slamming your fingers across a keyboard! Balance, right?!


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