Oh, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these! Turns out I completely missed my “regularly scheduled” currently post in August. Whoops — I guess I got a little wrapped up in my version of van life + forgot all about it. That just means this little update will be all that more interesting, right?! Well, maybe.

So, what the heck has currently been happening?! First off, I have moved out of TETON Sports’ #yourlead van + am trying to figure out what the heck to do with my life. I’ve been halfheartedly making life plans for the past month with no avail. I guess it’s time to get crazy creative + force things to go my way?


Since my future is so uncertain, I guess I’ll overshare what I’ve been doing over the past 2, er 4, months…from traveling to adventuring to running to plain old living, this is what’s happening, currently…

…spending quality time back in Colorado + realizing it feels a lot more like “home” than I expected.

…recovering [maybe recovered?! #fingerscrossed] from a completely random tendon injury.

…a not-so-proud member of the DNS club, courtesy of my choice to play it safe with said injury + not start the Bear 100.

…eating my way through a batch of cookie dough, without baking it, in the name of saving electricity? Maybe?

…getting a little too jazzed about leggings + boots + scarves season — totally prepared to #embracefall.

…back to being blonde! Now that my hair is long enough to ponytail I’ve let my natural blonde return + I kinda love it.

…getting bored with only one job. I guess it’s time to start over committing myself again. #adulting

…still trying to get myself to read a full book + failing miserably. Up next…audio books? Any recommendations!?

…plotting a trip toward the eastern states with the excuse of “there’s a race”. Here’s to hoping I stay healthy + healed!

…stuck at a cross roads of a responsible life choice + an exciting life choice with high hopes for a happy medium?

…writing up a storm for the #trailsisters site! Go check out my stories + stories of other awesome women! #shamelessplug [ps // get your hands on a #trailsisters Buff, trucker hat or t-shirt…just use HKFF2016 to get 15% off!]

…digging all of Colorado’s fall yellows for the first time…ever? I’ve always seriously missed the red/orange of the Midwest.

…trying to decide how much to give + how much to take from the people in my life. Who knew responsible, respectful adulting was so complicated?!

…sucked into way too many Netflix shows now that I’m in a house with easy access to WiFi +  a couch.

…discovering I actually enjoy dogs more than I expected to [as an adamant cat person] + taking on a few dog sitting gigs [more #shamelessplug’ing — if you need a dog sitter, let me know — I’m flexible with time/location!]

Life is still doing it’s thing + kind of rocking. I’m about to run into one helluva crossroads with some life choices but I think I’m ready for all of it. I’ve spent the last few weeks floating around in this weird limbo of “hmmm, what’s next” + while I do not have an answer for what’s next in life I have a healthy dose of confidence about my ability to find a happy medium, eventually.


kier · October 2, 2021 at 11:10 am

Hmmm…ever spend quality time in Iowa? We may be in need of a dog/cat/house sitter in December! There’s Netflix!

    Heidi Kumm · October 2, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    Iowa can be made on the way to/from Wisconsin…so there’s potential it could be finagled. Seriously! [email: runaroundaroo@gmail.com << still not updated, but it'll get to me]

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