It’s my birth-month! Which means I get all the things I want…or not. The whole ‘birth-month’ thing is an excuse I use to treat myself for weeks on end, but in reality I’m just spending more of my own money on myself. Still a win tho, because gifts are gifts, even if they’re from yourself! #heidilogic

Life has gotten real…real exciting! After many, many half-hearted attempts at self-employment + freelance work I am finally take a massive step toward being more independent. This all starts this month — but not until after Robb + I head out on a two-week ‘it’s Heidi’s birth-month’ road trip. See, I really do use ‘birth-month’ as an excuse to do all the things! In my defense we also went all out with a celebration of Robb’s birthday for a long weekend. I just really like birthdays + not just because of the cake. Beyond birthday excitement this is what has been happening in my life, currently…

…taking a leap of faith on myself + officially starting my own business — one that doesn’t revolve around freelance gigs + actually provides a service!

…building up the details behind this business plan so I can share it with the world, which means it’ll be shared here + everywhere very soonly.

…still pretty committed to pretending to be a barista — community coffee shops are special, even if you’re not into the coffee itself.

…forgetting how to run, especially now that I no longer have a 100km race looming in the future.

…trying to figure out how to be a runner with out racing — current solution is simply not running, but that needs to change!

…successfully finding a way to be involved with the trail races without races by volunteering + working at races as basecamp coordinator, medical support, aid station help + course marker/sweeper.

…recovering from a very productive, long weekend on an Amtrak train + cabin’ing along Lake Tahoe.

…plotting nearly two weeks of national park exploration in the southwestern corner of Utah as part of those birthday shenanigans I was just bragging about.

…scheme up ways to explore the desert without just hiking about on two feet but not coming up with much that doesn’t involve ATV motors or horse saddles.

…once again contemplating turning my head of hair a bluish hue, mostly because shaving it all off or twisting it into dreadlocks seems a bit too extreme.

…being really excited about supporting other people + their business ventures such as Erin // Erin Fortin Photography + Anastasia // Kula Cloth.

…looking for more small businesses to support, simply because I’m getting a true appreciation of how much freaking effort goes into small businesses!

…supporting other causes I truly believe in, such as the Trail Sisters’ Patreon page.

…kind of loving the fact The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack is still stuck in my head, as in I’m listening to YouTube videos just so I can listen to it.

…feeling generally happy about life + where it’s taking me.

…desperately hoping I can keep my head on straight so I can hang onto this happy + find my version of success to go along with it.

…crazy stupid grateful for the people in my life who have been able + willing to selflessly support my ideas + adventures + lunacy.

Things are good. Really good. Right now. That’s not a guaranteed thing + this summer, which has been chuck full of emotions, is proof of that. I need to appreciate what is going my way, adjust to what hasn’t been perfect + find a way to make it work, my way. Easier said than done but let me just say…awesome people make it a little bit easier to do so never, ever be afraid to reach out to other humans!


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