**Disclaimer: at the bottom of this post there is a clothing review for product I received at no cost, all opinions are my own.**

I finally made it to an OR Show! Yup, now that I’m not professionally working in the outdoor industry I got to make the trip to Salt Lake City to check out all of the new summer gear coming out next spring. I learned three things — people are insanely creative, we are a country of consumers and I obviously need all of the things I never knew I wanted. There was a lot of really cool gear, in awesome colors, that is bound to make my life easier.

On my way to the OR Show I was a little worried I’d feel out-of-place since I wasn’t in the market for any new gear — I had just consolidated all the gear I do own and nothing vital is missing. Would I still find things to do if I wasn’t actually looking for gear to fill my non-existent gear closet? Turns out the answer to that is YES!


Without any pressure to get all the details on all the gear I was able to just scope out what peaked my interest at the moment between chats with familiar faces and internet strangers. I connected with a lot of people I knew as just @’s online. Seeing their personalities bubble beyond the constraints of 140 characters was kind of awesome.

Of course, the best magic happens outside the showroom and that’s exactly where Teton Sports took us. On Saturday morning we met at the one place we all felt at home…a trailhead near a trail that wandered up a mountain side. I’ve been a terrible #hikerchat participant lately but they still accepted me on their 3 mile hike in Cottonwood Canyon.

We chattily hiked our way up to an overlook and back before regrouping at the Teton Sports offices for pizza [lots of pizza!] and more conversation. It’s amazing how many topics there are to cover in a room full of adventurous social media-ites. We talk, a lot!

Eventually Laurie and I had to make our exit — it was time for our long drive back to Colorado.

Oh, and did you notice those awesome leggings I’m wearing? Yea, they are pretty much as cool as they look — super comfy, colorful and great of hiking, faking as “casual wear” at work and just hanging out around the house in. I go them from Soybu. Their length is perfect for my long, gangly legs and the material is really soft. Plus, they come in a lot of colors and designs! If you haven’t already, check them out! And if you have too many leggings [I’m pretty sure there is no such thing] check out their loose, flowy tops. Some of the tank tops are a little short waisted but the t-shirts are great!

**Photos kidnapped [with permission] from @landonfaulknerphotography and @tlsylvan because they are clearly more talented than I am! Click the images to see their respective galleries!**


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