When my count down to the “Last Day At Vail Resorts!” stumbled to an end I jumped right into my two weeks of…freedom. I was finally down to just one job! I had a sliver of free time and I could spend it however I wanted; not just sleeping! And that’s exactly what I did. It wasn’t until late last night that I realized this — on Monday I’m essentially saying “good-bye” to Colorado for…I have no idea how long. Oh, I’m excited, I’m ready for another bout of change and I have an incredible summer ahead of me.

However, I am going to miss Colorado! From the mountain views to the adventurous people to the winding trails to the local cafes….I’m going to miss Colorado and I am going to miss Summit County! Thankfully I’ve been a lucky duck and I’ve taken some serious advantage of my free time…

…from impromptu hikes to up-before-the-sun trail runs to epic powder days to perfectly crafted brown sugar lattes, I have had a chance to cuddle up with a bit of everything I love about Summit County in the past few weeks. Without realizing it I was telling it all “good-bye”. It’s all coming to a close and while there are going to be some very chaotic moments in the next few days I am more than ready for whatever life decides to throw at me beyond the borders of Colorado’s state line.

I’ve taken the time to snag my last lattes at Red Buffalo over a mixed day of remote work + catching up with a friend who happened to wandering back into Colorado for a weekend. My legs are still feeling the burn of three-a-day adventures simply because the trails [+ friends + Max] were waiting for me to get my tush outside. My heart is full of love for the people I’ve met, pride for what they’re doing with their lives + excitement for all the stories they’ll have to share when we meet again.

And, now…for my last hurrah in Colorado I’m ducking out of real life for a few days + escaping into the backcountry for a long weekend at a remote 10th Mountain Division Hut. It’s a full moon weekend + the mountains are covered in mounds of relatively fresh snow. Bring it, Colorado…I’m ready to make every step of my last adventure in “my backyard” epic.


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