Life in Switzerland

My trip to Switzerland was rather impromptu. I had plans to travel to France for one of the UTMB races [the baby sister of the famed ultra, the OCC] in August and the more time I spent attempting to plan my extra 10 days in France I realized…10 days is not nearly enough! So I adjusted my flights and headed to Europe for three months, with no solid plans beyond my first week of racing in Chamonix, France. It has been one heck of an experience…which I am sharing, one post at a time.

Chamonix, France

#OmniTen Adventure
The OCC Recap
The UTMB Experience
Starting the Tour du Mont Blanc Trek

Zurich, Switzerland

The Trails Above Zurich
Exploring the City of Zurich
Heididorf: The Story of Heidi

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Schreckhornhutte: A Failed Attempt
A Night in Glecksteinhutte
The Chrinnenhorn Summit


Gryon, Switzerland

 Chalet Martin: My New Home
Off the Beaten Path [Cabana d’Orny]

Weekend Exploring

Escaping Zermatt
Alone in the Mountains [Schonbielhutte]
Stories of a Hut Guardian [Frundenhutte + Bluemlisalphutte]