There’s a peak near here that I’ve fallen in love with. Legit love. Probably? Like the sort of love you have for fluffy kittens you can’t keep for yourself so you’re going to love them even more, on principle. Whatever sort of love that is…that’s how I feel about Les Chaux. It’s basically perfect in every way I want it to be + it’s the gateway to one of my favorite trails in all of Switzerland. Maybe I need to explore more to find a better trail…but until I find that, this is my favoritest trail evers. #fact

I honestly have no idea why I love this little peak so much. By the numbers, it’s nowhere near as impressive as the Matterhorn or Dents du Midi or the Grand Muveran. Les Chaux is just a simple nugget of a peak near a handful of mountain villages. This crossed summit just so happens to make my heart sing fuzzy songs. Mountains are weird like that, I guess.

Maybe it isn’t the peak itself that gets my heart all giddy + fuzzy? Maybe it’s everything around the peak that has me recommending this hike to *everyone* who walks into the Chalet Martin hostel?

Les Chaux Love

Once you get up to the peak [by telecabine, hiking or bus/car + a stupid steep hike near the end] you can see Gryon, Barboleuse, Villars, Solelax, Teveyanne + a handful of other tiny mountain villages. On one side you have the full l’Argentine, giving you a chance to get solid beta on the Tour du l’Argentine trails. On the opposite side of the ridge, you have a wide open valley with a smattering of tinkling cow herds. Ahead of you is a seemingly endless ridgeline…that I have not yet explored due to snow +/or terrain. Some day…soon?

Ultimately, I don’t have any long-winded stories or treacherous trail photos to make this peak look overly impressive. It’s just…Les Chaux, my favorite mini-peak in all of Switzerland. Even my excessive babbling hasn’t managed to give me enough words to describe how much I love this peak in a way that anyone will understand. It’s just…my kinda of perfect. Les Chaux is the peak I hike up to on “I need to go find some happy” days + as a “ugh, I should probably go outside” motivator + for “let me show you something cool” hikes.

It’s my happy hunk of rock here in Switzerland + wanted to show it off, with selfies. Obviously. #sorrynotsorry


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