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Volunteer Exchange // WorkAway vs HelpX vs WWOOF

My first bout of nomadic living came as a bit of a surprise, to everyone. Myself included. I didn't spend years saving up for travel. This meant my bank account was far from prepared for my voluntary stint of unemployment. However, everything else in my life was screaming "go, go, go". So I went. I didn't want to turn down the opportunity to see the world because it came unexpectedly. I decided I would just get really creative with my budgeting + travel plans. (more…)

By Heidi Kumm, ago
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Iceland; By the Dollars

We did minimal planning prior to hopping on a plane to Iceland. From time to time we'd talk about sitting down to plan. Every once in a while I'd scroll through a list of "5 must visit" or "8 best" list looking at photos + cocking an eyebrow at the Icelandic words. About a month before we showed up at the airport we decided we at least needed to find a place to sleep. A few Google searches + a colorful pros/cons list later we had our camper van booked. We also made reservations at a hotel in Reykjavik for our final nights in Iceland. (more…)

By Heidi Kumm, ago
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