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Creating the Perfect Capri

17 Dec 14
Heidi Kumm
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I may have gone on a short tirade last night about brands refusing to make clothing that fit tall people. I was [a teeny tiny bit] irrationally upset that a pair of fantastically colorful capris fit so poorly I could not justify the purchase, but as my active clothing wardrobe has grown it’s become apparent that 90% of the brands out there have NO idea how to make clothing that fit someone with slightly longer arms/legs than the “average” human. This is insanely frustrating!

But, rather than focus on all the things brand do WRONG with gear, let’s focus on something a little more exciting…like all the awesome things about capris! Maybe, just maybe, by focusing on all the great things about various capris we can come up with the perfect design and convince a brand to pick up the design… #agirlcandream

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