Creating the Perfect Capri

I may have gone on a short tirade last night about brands refusing to make clothing that fit tall people. I was [a teeny tiny bit] irrationally upset that a pair of fantastically colorful capris fit so poorly I could not justify the purchase, but as my active clothing wardrobe has grown it’s become apparent that 90% of the brands out there have NO idea how to make clothing that fit someone with slightly longer arms/legs than the “average” human. This is insanely frustrating!

But, rather than focus on all the things brand do WRONG with gear, let’s focus on something a little more exciting…like all the awesome things about capris! Maybe, just maybe, by focusing on all the great things about various capris we can come up with the perfect design and convince a brand to pick up the design… #agirlcandream

Ultimate Comparison: UD Jenny vs UD Wink

Disclaimer: This post reviews the UD Jenny and UD Wink packs, both of which were given to me by Ultimate Direction [one through an unaffiliated giveaway, one for product testing]. While they did not require a blog post in exchange for the product I really love the packs [and the company!] so I want to share my thoughts and experiences! Aside from product I am not being compensated for this post and all opinions are my own!

When I first started running it was shorter distances on roads and I was rarely concerned about carrying along water, food or gear. As I started signing up for longer races my solo training run got longer and I needed a way to drag along water and snacks. In the past I’ve strapped on a Nathan Fuel Belt on longer training runs, regularly filled the SPIBelt for shorter runs + races and made good use of handhelds. This all changed when I decided to take on ultra running. I spent the days before the Bear Chase 50K concerned about how I would survive with just a handheld. In the end it worked out perfectly; the aid stations were wonderfully stocked and my Ultimate Direction handheld was great for gauging my water intake between aid stations.

We’re all “just runners”…

It’s an interesting challenge to write about running when you’re not exactly running. I’ve spent the last 10 days being extra nice to my body, avoiding sweaty miles and hanging out in weird stretchy positions. I’ve been a party pooper more often than I’d like over the past two weeks – first I ditched the RMNP backpacking trip because my leg wasn’t working, then I had to turn around early on the Pawnee/Buchanan Pass loop and I finally just stopped running mountain trails all together. To say my running life has been boring would be an understatement! But that doesn’t mean I’ve missed out on all of the fun! Two weeks ago I did get the chance to hang out with New Balance, their trail running athletes, local media and a few bloggers (Lynne, Heather, Kia and Marissa). New Balance just launched their new trail shoe, the Fresh Foam 980’s. Not only are the shoes spiffy the shindig they put on for us was legit!

Pure Genius

In today’s world nearly every company has a motto, a tagline…and a hashtag. It’s great for communicating with customers, especially when done with consistency and sincerity. Some companies fail miserably, other are a shining success. I’m pretty sure Columbia falls into the shining success category…and I’m not just saying that because I’m lucky enough to part of a hashtagged group brought together by Columbia. I’m not saying that because I spent a week watching the company live up to its #TryingStuff motto.

The Jackets of Columbia

Remember when the popular kids in high school had the fancy jackets that split apart into two separate jackets? Or was that just the cool kids of Central Wisconsin? Either way, I distinctly recall being crazy jealous of those jackets! I definitely was not on the cutting edge of fashion in high school but I improvised by pretending to be a gamer. One time I even won Halo! On time! Anyway…back to jackets.