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The Greatness of #OmniTen S4

14 Jan 14
Heidi Kumm
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I am the kind of person who writes up packing lists like my life depends upon it. I may end up rewriting the list about eight times because I tend to “misplace” things but there is always a list. And it is usually color coordinated by day and activity. I’m weird like that.

This explains why last Sunday night was pure chaos in my apartment! I was packing for a trip I knew nothing about. Well, I knew there would be snow to play in…but that was all. How do you pack for that? You count out clean socks, convince yourself Columbia baselayers count as pants and throw together one outfit that might qualify as “mountain town cute” then hope for the best. That is precisely how I packed for the #OmniTen trip to Park City…and somehow I survived the full week without running out of clothes to wear! Although that may have had more to do with the amazing Columbia swag bag than my ability to plan for the unknown!

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Bring on the #OmniGames

03 Jan 14
Heidi Kumm
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It is finally time…for my OmniTen trip with Columbia Sportswear! My packing list is a jumbled mess in my head, the board bag arrived yesterday, airport carpooling is planned and I’m perfecting my “I’m as cool as I sound on Twitter” elevator pitch for when I actually meet everyone in the OmniTen and OmniGames crew.

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