There are some really awesome stories about Austria, Czech and Switzerland that I really need + want to share but let’s take a quick second to bounce back to one of the main topics of this blog — running. As you may have picked up from my most recent “currently” post I’ve signed myself up for a marathon. A road marathon. The Pittsburgh Marathon, to be exact. #GameOnPGh! I’m excited about it…and hating myself for it. Today marks Day One of my official unofficial scribble of a training plan. Instead of hopping out of bed when I woke to the sunrise at 6am I stuck headphones in and watched John Oliver between dozy naps for two hours.

This is unlike me. Well, avoiding a training run isn’t exactly unusual, but that half sleep dozing after I’ve woken up is not normal for me. It annoys me. But I still did it. Not because I didn’t want to run…but because I didn’t know where to run.

IMG_20151204_065125...hello world! This is what nearly every morning looks like from my bed, no complaints here!

You see, I’m living in Silverthorne for the winter and while I know the mountain trails quite well I don’t know a damn thing about the roads and bike paths, especially in the winter. Rather than let myself get excited about heading out for a run surrounded by beautifully snow covered mountains I freaked out. Where do I go? Will the path be plowed? I don’t want to drive! What if I can’t get my miles in? What if I get lost and am late for work? What if… But… Why… How…

All the uncertainty of the unknown. Yes, it’s exciting to go exploring but right this second [well, for two full hours this morning] the crushing doubt kept me away from that exploring. Seriously, I had plenty of time to explore! I was awake at 6am…I didn’t need to be to work until 10am. Three miles of exploring could have easily happened. Easily. But it didn’t. Because I let my what if’s psych out my let’s do this’s.

IMG_20151206_103809…the playground where all my cross training will happen. Trust me, a few hours in the trees yesterday were solid proof this counts as cross training!

So, yes, I’m a little frustrated with myself! Luckily this is only the first day of training and I know myself well enough to know I’ll pull off a solid do-over tomorrow. I’ve put the internet to use [thank goodness for local FB groups!] and have some route suggestions waiting to be explored. And after a week of scoping out routes and save-to-run-on-roads I’ll be battling the same pile of uncertainty for my first run-mute to the new job. And then…well, I’ll survive that too, even if I psych myself out a time or two.

How do you get yourself out the door when you’re running in a new area? Where do you find routes? Do you just randomly explore or do you start with a game plan?

Also, has anyone ever cut their gums? Like, back where your wisdom teeth used to live? I did…and I have no idea how. It’s not exceptionally painful, just really weird!


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