A fun little fact about me become glaringly obvious when I left the city behind + ventured onto the trail of Cinque Terra in Italy…trails are my happy place. Every. Single. Time. Trails are always guaranteed to change my mood, adjust my attitude + give me a whole new perspective on life. This has proven to be true a few times since I’ve arrived in Switzerland as well.

Per usual, I’ve set up the home base of my Swiss life at Chalet Martin. If trails are my happy place, this chalet is my happy home [away from home, my home-home is the happiest!]. This place is magical, surrounded with jagged snow-covered peaks + nestled into a community of outdoor adventurists. A few steps beyond the front door the trails start with bright yellow signs pointing you toward the mountains + meadows + valleys.

Proof Trail Running from Chalet Martin is Breathtaking…

Every year I come I tell myself it will be an epic training year for all of the steep mountain races…except I’m rarely signed up for those trail races before I arrive. Not to mention, when I get here I am much more likely to tag along for a hike with others than I am to go off on my own for an aggressive training run. This place could easily be an impressive training ground for me…but I’m always more excited about sharing these mountains than claiming them as my own.

In the past few weeks I’ve hit up all my usual trails which lead me to lovely places like Les Chaux, Solelax, Pont de Nant + Tevayanne. I’ve even ventured out to areas, like Javerne. Every time, even in the somewhat oppressive clouds, the hike has been worth it.

The Trails Outside Chalet Martin

I think my favorite part of running [+ hiking!] around the trails you’ll find right outside Chalet Martin’s front door is the endless options. You can quite literally go anywhere + the trail signs tell you so. Sure, you’re in Gryon but you can get to a town around the bend + down the valley in 3 hours…along beautiful dirt tracks. Or if you’ve made your way up to Tevayanne you definitely do not need to back track to return home. Instead, pop up to Les Chaux or up + over to Solelax.

Of course, this makes the Safety Squirrel rule of ‘tell someone where you’re going + stick to the plan’ nearly impossible…for me. Sure, I could stick to my original plan, but usually I’ll find a new trail or be reminded of a forgotten overlook. In a heartbeat I’m off on my own, venturing far away from my planned route…often in the opposite direction as originally planned. This is why I opt for the Delorme inReach SE* to track me, rather than my trail-venture to truly stay on track.

These trails are my happy place, these views make my heart soar. This is where I find balance in my life, even when I’m mentally, emotionally or physically feeling under the weather. Quite frankly…any trail does this for me, but Switzerland’s trails come with the perk of the community around Chalet Martin. The only place better than these mountains are my mountains back home, in Colorado.


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