When you’re a seasonal employee you give up what most people covet — weekends. Simply put, when you jump on a chance to work only six months out of the years you get a lot a perks, but getting your weekends off is not one of them. I write this as I prepare for another hectic weekend catering to tourist + locals a like. This isn’t really a problem in a town that seems to exist only for the surrounding ski resorts. Sure, you work when everyone else gets to hit the slopes, but you also get random weekdays off + can head to the resorts when there are no lift lines. It’s all about the silver lining!

This past week, we put that silver lining to good use! Nearly a dozen of us ‘seasonal staff’ got together for a ‘girls’ weekend’ away from the chaos of our resort town. As we ventured north to the Historic Cabins of Columbine we didn’t need to worry about traffic or fellow cabin-goers or busy grocery stores. While the rest of the ‘normal’ world headed into the office we packed our cars down with backcountry gear + drove away from the city.

Once we arrived just past the limitation of cell service the fun really begin. If you consider ignoring the outside world, playing odd card games + eating your weight in tacos to be fun…which I do.

Historic Cabins of Columbine

Our first night was frigid, outside. In preparation for the cold we returned from dinner + piled on the firewood. We got warm…very, very warm. The ladies in the top bunks were puddles of sweat, or so they told us.

As the wood stove pumped out waves of stifling heat we took turns propping the door open + venturing into the snow barefoot just to cool down. While all this went down our conversations ebbed + flowed as we learned about each other.

I will forever be the girl with a bunch of guys friends, but as I get older [ugh!] I am beginning to see the real value in having a posse of like-minded women nearby. It’s not even a gender thing…it’s a ‘this person has many, many things in common with me’ sort of thing. Does that even make sense? Due to our anatomical + hormonal make up, we have a whole pool of topics we can hit up…whether physical, emotional, cultural or psychological.

Off The Grid Entertainment

Our second day in the wilderness was spent eating [duh!], roaming around in the snow + playing more games. A few of us even read books between cat naps. Ah…the life. No, seriously, the mid-day snoozes are quite literally my favorite part of my trips up to Columbine Cabins!

Although, I would strongly recommend remembering to pack Cards Against Humanity if you stay you’re going to bring it…even without internet access everyone will remember you said you would bring it + give you all of the sad eyes when you admit you forgot it.

By the time the end of our ‘weekend’ rolled around we were all a little sad to be returning to reality. There is something rejuvenating about 48 hours of solitude when your phones only purpose is photo taking or game timer’ing. Alas, we all packed up our gear, at the last few snacks + piled back into our cars. The drive back to civilization was full of more banter + a few threats to immediately attach ourselves to our couches. We’d already told the world we were offline for a full three days…why not just avoid life for a few more hours?!


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