Life is more fun when you make it into an adventure! Whether you’re chasing sunsets on local trails, outdoor climbing for the first time or hauling yourself to the summit of a mountain…it’s an adventure. Anything can be an adventure if you go in with the right attitude! A huge part of this blog swirls around the adventures I set out on and this page is where you can find the links to some of my biggest adventures yet!


When Columbia Sportswear offered me a chance to run one of the UTMB ultras in Chamonix, France as an #OmniTen gear tester I was excited…about the race and a week in France. But it developed into so much more! Rather than return to the States with everyone else after the races I extended my stay for three months. But I wasn’t going to just travel around Europe, I wanted to get as close to living in another country as possible. I spent a few weeks exploring…then I settled into a WorkAway opportunity at a hostel in Gryon, Switzerland. All my adventurous stories can be found here: Life in Switzerland.

South America

With a little coaxing from Logan I took my first international trip that didn’t revolve around my college education. We headed to the southern tip of Chile and backpacked the Torres del Paine O Circuit. I’ll admit, Logan did all the leg work, I just wrangled enough airline points to book my flight and strategically packed a bunch of gear into my Ultimate Direction FastPack…

Packing + Planning || Chile Travel: Lessons Learned || The O Circuit: Part 1 || The O Circuit: Part 2

Colorado Fourteeners

In Colorado we like to brag about our “14ers”…basically, a mountain summit that tops out above 14,000 feet. They are kind of a big deal and we have 53+ just waiting to be hiked/climbed/skinned. I’ve only done a fraction of them, but you can read each trip report here: Colorado 14ers.

South Korea

My very first international trip was to South Korea, the summer of my junior year of college. I went to attend an international summer school in Suwon and it opened a whole new world to me. This was all before I understood the world of blogging so my experience is more photos, less words. However, looking back, I can tell you I was far more afraid of the world then I cared to admit back then. I am incredibly thankful for the experience, even though I didn’t know what I was learning about life + myself at the time. Feel free to peruse the photos here: Studying in South Korea.

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