I have this thing for running races…for two reasons. First, the t-shirt and race swag. I seriously don’t need any more race shirts but still keep saying “oooh, that is a cool shirt!” and then throwing money at the registration.

My other attraction to races is the training schedule. I don’t exactly train to win and lately I haven’t even been training to PR…just to cover the distance. Having a training schedule gives me a reason to run. I’m not that girl that can say “omg, I love running every. single. day!” and some days I seriously need that training schedule screaming at me to get outside and run!

Trail Race PRs

7MileLiving History Farms 7Miler {11.20.10}1:18:44
15K – Bear Creek 10 Spot/15K {10.27.13} – 1:26:32
Half Marathon – Xterra Trail Half Marathon {9.23.13} – 2:17:47
25K – Greenland 25K {5.2.15} – 2:39:54
50K – Bear Chase 50K {9.29.13} – 5:47:40
50M – North Fork 50M {6.28.14}12:23:14
Run Rabbit Run 100 {9.12.14}35:13:16
24 Hour – Palmer Laker 24Hr Fun Run {3.29.14}37.72mi in 1st 7hrs

Road Race PRs

2Mile – Buckshot 2Miler {8.31.10}17:27
5K – Christmas Carol 5K
4Mile – Liberty Run {7.4.13}34:02
7K – Get Lucky 7K
 {3.20.10} 38:38
Snowman Stampede 5Miler {2.22.14} – 41:28
10K – Home Sweet Home 10K
15K – Hot Chocolate 15K {11.6.10}1:34:09
Snowman Stampede 10Miler {2.22.14}1:29:20
Half Marathon – Georgetown to Idaho Springs {8.10.13} – 1:53:32
RMRR 20 Mile Race {4.28.12}3:30:56
Full Marathon
– Fargo Marathon {5.19.12}4:29:18
Long Distance Relay –
Wild West Relay {8.2.13 – 8.3.13}26:26:45

In the past year I’ve been able to redirect my focus to include a lot more speed work. It still isn’t my favorite workout, but it seems to have been paying off as 2013 has been a year of PRs! And the year of trail running…I discovered trails the fall of 2013 and that led to ultra running. I’m pretty sure there is no going back!

2018 Race Recaps

Once again I’m heading into a new year with no races on my calendar. It’s not that I don’t want to race, I do. I love the atmosphere — the excitement, the emotional roller coaster, the sense of accomplishment. I love it all. But right now it’s really hard for me to put legitimate training time in when I’m traveling a lot + juggling a variety of jobs. It’s simply easier to head to races to support runners + RDs, so that’s what on my 2018 agenda for now. That’s not to say I won’t impulsively sign up for a race or two…I’ve been eyeballing some in the areas I’ll be traveling to!

2017 Race Recaps

In 2017 I did not run any races. Instead I focused my outside time on hiking, backpacking + rock climbing. Of course, that does not mean I did not participate in races. I spent time at Run, Rabbit, Run 100 as a volunteer + EMT, at the Moab 240 as a medical volunteer, at the Mountain RATS race as a medical grilled cheese maker + at a variety of Mad Moose Events races as a medical volunteer. Turns out it is entirely possible to enjoy all the excitement of racing without putting in the training…

2016 Race Recaps

Pittsburgh Half Marathon – Pittsburgh, PA {5.1.16}2:05:35
Never Summer 100K – Gould, CO {7.23.16}21:30:20
Hood to Coast Relay – Portland, OR {8.26.16-8.27.16}28:46:46
American Heroes 9hr 11min – Longmont, CO {9.10.16}35.7 miles
Bear 100 – Logan, UT {9.23.16-9.24.16}DNS
Big’s Backyard Ultra
– Bell Buckle, TN {10.15.16-10.16-16} 62.505 miles

2015 Race Recaps

Westminster Trail 10K – Westminster, CO {4.5.15}50:22
Greenland 25K – Larkspur, CO {5.2.15}2:39:54
Colfax Half Marathon – Denver, CO {5.17.15}1:53:52
Steamboat Marathon – Steamboat Springs, CO {6.7.15}5:16:17
Wild West Relay – Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs, CO {7.31.15-8.1.15}27:50:10
UTMB’s OCC 53K – Chamonix, France {8.28.15}10:30:04

2014 Race Recaps

Snowman Stampede 5M + 10M – Littleton, CO {2.22.14}41:28 + 1:29:20
Palmer Lake 24 Hour Fun Run – Palmer Lake, CO {3.29.14}37.72 miles in 7 hours
Quad Rock 50M – Fort Collins, CO {5.10.14}12:45:01
Dirty Thirty 50K – Black Hawk, CO {5.31.14}DNF
Mt Evans Ascent – Idaho Springs, CO {6.14.14}DNF
North Fork 50M – Pine, CO {6.28.14}12:23:40
Run Rabbit Run 100M – Steamboat Springs, CO {9.12.14}35:13:16

2013 Race Recaps

Hippity Hop Easter Trot 10K – Denver, CO {3.20.13}51:26
Platte River Half Marathon
– Littleton, CO {4.7.13}1:57:35
Westminster Women’s Classic 5K
– Westminster, CO {5.12.13}24:14
Drop Your Drawers 5K
– Denver, CO {5.31.13} – 22:47
Mt Evans Ascent
– Idaho Springs, CO {6.15.13} – 3:58:46
Liberty Run 4Miler
– Denver, CO {7.4.13} 34:02
Sand Creek 10K – Denver, CO {7.13.13}51:49
Wild West Relay – Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs {8.2.13 – 8.3.13}26:26:45
Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half – Georgetown, CO {8.10.13}1:53:32
Heart & Sole 10K
– Boulder, CO {8.25.14}50:57
Xterra Trail Half Marathon – Colorado Springs, CO {9.23.13}2:17:47
Bear Chase 50K – Morrison, CO {9.29.13}5:47:40
Bear Creek 10 Spot/15K – Morrison, CO {10.27.13}1:26:32
Home Sweet Home 10K
– Denver, CO {11.9.13} 47:17
Pumpkin Pie 5K + 10K
– Denver, CO {11.16.13}22:52 + 49:23
Santa Stampede 5K
– Littleton, CO {12.14.13} 26:18
Christmas Carol 5K – Denver, CO {12.21.13}22:21

2012 Race Recaps

Frosty’s Frozen 10Miler – Littleton, CO {1.21.12}1:40:01
Snowman Stampede 5Miler & 10Miler
– Littleton, CO {2.18.12}50:00 & 1:38:33
That Dam Run Half Marathon
– Cherry Creek Dam {3.4.12}2:10:06
Get Lucky 7K WALK – Minneapolis, MN – {3.17.12}1:17ish
Platte River Half Marathon – Littleton, CO – {4.15.12}2:12:32
RMRR 20 Mile Race – Denver, CO – {4.28.12}3:30:56
Fargo Friday 5K WALK
– Fargo, ND – {5.18.12}55:11
Fargo Marathon
– Fargo, ND – {5.19.12}4:29:18
Underwearness 5K
– Denver, CO – {7.20.12}33:55

2011 Race Recaps

New Year’s Virtual 5K – Lakewood, CO {12.31.11}30:12
Christmas Virtual 5K – Lakewood, CO {12.15.11}30:42
Monster Dash Half – Minneapolis, MN {10.29.11}2:06:51
Wildcat Mountain 10Miler – Highlands Ranch, CO {10.8.11}1:50:49
Rim to Rim Royal Gorge 10K – Canon City, CO {10.1.11}57:43
Panerathon 10K – Westminster, CO {9.18.11}58:41
Get Lucky 7K – Minneapolis, MN {3.19.11}39:05

2010 Race Recaps

Bock Point 5Miler – Stevens Point, WI {3.6.10}44:06
Get Lucky 7K – Minneapolis, MN {3.20.10}38:38
Spring Thaw 5K
– Eau Claire, WI {4.10.10}25:24
Eau Claire Half Marathon
– Eau Claire, WI {5.2.10}2:15:57
Minneapolis Half Marathon – Minneapolis, MN {6.6.10}2:11:30
RCU Charity Classic 10K – Eau Claire, WI {6.26.10}59:16
Minneapolis Muddy Buddy – Afton Alps, MN {8.22.11}1:13:52
Minneapolis Duathlon Relay
– Minneapolis, MN {8.29.10} 2:09:29
Buckshot 2Mile
– Eau Claire, WI {8.31.10}17:27
Go Commando 5K
– Twin Cities, MN {9.18.10}30:33
Fit Elite Freak 5K
– Eau Claire, WI {10.16.10}39:35
Monster Dash Half Marathon & Photos – Twin Cities, MN {10.30.10}2:05:33
Hot Chocolate 15K
– Chicago, IL  {11.6.10}1:34:05
Living History Farms 7Mile
– Urbandale, IA {11.20.10}1:18:44
Festival Foods Turkey Trot 5Mile – Eau Claire, WI {11.25.10}45:03
Jingle Bell 5K
– Eau Claire, WI {12.11.10}32:34

2009 Race Recaps

AMA Fun Run 5K – Eau Claire, WI {4.25.09}25:05
Eau Claire Half Marathon – Eau Claire, WI {5.3.09}2:03:54
Race for a Cure 5K
– Minneapolis, MN {5.10.09}31:00ish
RCU Charity Classic 10K
– Eau Claire, WI {6.27.09}56:17
Heart of Summer 10K
– Minneapolis, MN {7.27.09}55:55
Buckshot 5Mile
– Eau Claire, WI {9.5.09}43:31
Bear Water Run 20Mile
– White Bear Lake, MN {9.12.09}3:42:47
Twin Cities Marathon
– Twin Cities, MN {10.4.09}5:17:10

2008 Races

These 2008 races went down before I started run.around.aroo so there are no race recaps…just pretend I was awesome!

AMA Fun Run 5K – Eau Claire, WI {4.26.08}34:31
Race for a Cure 5K
– Minneapolis, MN {5.11.08}33:34
RCU Charity Classic 10K
  – Eau Claire, WI {6.28.08}1:03:25
Heart of Summer 10K
– Minneapolis, MN {7.26.08}58:22
Buckshot 5Mile
– Eau Claire, WI {8.20.08}45:46
Bear Water Run 10Mile
– White Bear Lake, MN {9.13.08}1:40:13
Twin Cities 10Mile
– Twin Cities, MN {10.5.08}1:40:59


Kathy · November 14, 2011 at 2:03 pm

I also need a training plan to motivate me to be consistent in any way, shape or form. Great times!

    Heidi Nicole · November 15, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Seriously missing my training plan right now! Glad I’m not the only one that struggles without it!

RoseRunner · March 31, 2012 at 5:31 pm

Heidi Nicole. You are quite the athlete! Your blog is making me want to pack up and move to Colorado and run in the snow. I’m sold.

    Heidi Nicole · April 1, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    Aw, thanks! Now I HAVE to go run tomorrow! 😉
    PS – Colorado is freaking amazing!

sonia the mexigarian · October 30, 2013 at 11:12 am

I think I need a training plan to motivate me to run as well… for now. We shall see after the whole marathon thing is over (38 more days!!!) And wow. that is a looooooong list of races you accomplished. pretty damn cool. I also hate speed work, but I do think it helps. my last few runs have been pretty damn fast for me.

    Heidi Nicole · October 30, 2013 at 11:47 am

    A training plan can really help – nothing like numbers staring at you to get you out the door! I’m excited about your marathon – just don’t forget to have fun. I did on my 1st and it made it suck even more than necessary!

    My credit card/bank account does not like my racing, but I sure do! 🙂

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