When I first started oversharing on the internet it was just my little niche of the internet, an online diary if you will. Eventually it progressed into a way to share photos + stories with friends + family many, many miles away. I like it that way — it’s very personal. But, if you’ve met me in person or suffered through a 4,000 word race recap, you know I have a lot of things to say! I’ve managed to coerce others into sharing my photo-filled stories as well, which gives me a great outlet to share more than just personal stories.

I don’t like sharing + resharing the same thing over + over, so everything below will be found on their sites only — no repeats of what you’ve seen here! So, check it out!

Also, if you’re looking for a regular contributor or guest writer, hit me up at heidinkumm@gmail.com…we can work something out as I love oversharing!

TETON Sports


On the TETON Sports Adventure Blog I have written about motivating yourself to get outside, finding great adventure partners + why ‘Leave No Trace’ is important for all of us to follow. This platform has been an outlet for all things outdoor related. Many of my articles have focused on working out the logistics + mental hurdles of heading outdoors for the first time.

You can read my TETON Sports articles here: Heidi Kumm @ TETON Sports

Trail Sisters

IMG_20160411_151207 (1)

If you have a hot second, check out the #TrailSisters website + community. Better yet, scope out their trucker hats, Buffs + tshirts then snag one for yourself + your trail sister.

Within this community my writing contributions have focused on dealing with injuries, adjusting training schedules, finding the right mind-set for you + where to run around the country. I started working with the Trail Sisters crew when they first started up + it has been an awesome experience. Somehow they managed to be focused on getting females comfortable outdoors while still being an overall inclusive group. Life goals right there!

Read up on my Trail Sisters articles here: Heidi Kumm @ Trail Sisters

Aravalli Outdoors

On the Aravalli Outdoors website I wrote content about getting outdoors. From hiking to backpacking to road tripping, my topics were diverse + they varied from ‘how to’ articles to ‘listicles’ about great places to explore. The crew at Aravalli Outdoors encouraged creativity + allowed many of my article topics to come from personal experiences, a style of writing that I love.

Take a peek at the content I created for Aravalli Outdoors here: Heidi Kumm @ Aravalli Outdoors

Sierra Trading Post


While I was employed at Sierra Trading Post as a social marketing manager + content creator I did a fair bit of writing for them. Most of my articles were based on product reviews, how to choose gear + general backpacking topics.

You can read a few of my articles by selecting the ‘recent articles’ link here: Heidi Kumm @ STP