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When I first started oversharing on the internet it was just my little niche of the internet, an online diary if you will. Eventually it progressed into a way to share photos + stories with friends + family many, many miles away. I like it that way — it’s very personal. But, if you’ve met me in person or suffered through a 4,000 word race recap, you know I have a lot of things to say! I’ve managed to coerce others into sharing my photo-filled stories as well, which gives me a great outlet to share more than just personal stories.

I don’t like sharing + resharing the same thing over + over, so everything below will be found on their sites only — no repeats of what you’ve seen here! So, check it out! [also, if you’re looking for a regular contributor or guest writer, hit me up at…we can work something out as I love oversharing!]

TETON Sports

Huts, Cabins + Yurts…Oh My! - An outline of the different types of backcountry buildings + tips on how to truly enjoy your time away from cell service

The 10 Essentials of Winter Wandering - Winterizing the basic 10 essentials to ensure your prepared for whatever a wintry adventure can throw your way

The Art of Getting Lost - A lighthearted guide to getting fully immersed in your adventures, potentially leading to the added excitement of getting lost

Get Out + Give Back - A handful of ideas to get you outside + volunteering your time to keeping the trails you love beautiful

#EmbraceFall - A Colorful Recap - A compilation of the photos shared on Instagram using the #embracefall hashtag

#GetOutdoors During the Shoulder Season - The seasons are changing + that’s the perfect excuse to get outside + explore the world around you

Learning Life Lessons…From Dogs - Ever spend much time with a dog?! They’re always happy + full of energy…they must be harboring a secret or two

Help Us #EmbraceFall - Finding a bit of happiness in the changing seasons no matter where you are

Travel Tuesday: Flying…er, Driving Solo - My last week in the #yourlead van was spent wandering the trails of the Central Cascades

Travel Tuesday: Mountains + Rivers - We were chasing mountains but paused to fall in love with the rivers along the way

#HikerChat Meet-up: Twin Lakes Hike - During every OR Show TETON Sports hosts a hike…this year we hit up Twin Lakes

Travel Tuesday: From the Mountains to the City - Leaving the calm of the wilderness for the crazy of city life for the OR Show

Travel Tuesday: Calming the Chaos - It’s not all smiles + rainbows…but the mountains bring back the sanity when life gets crazy

Travel Tuesday: Showing Mom Life on the Road - Showing my mom the ropes of #vanlife + watching her kind of love it

Travel Tuesday: Reconnecting in the Yukon - The reality check that comes with a road trip through rural Canada + Alaska

Travel Tuesday: Road Tripping in Airplane Mode - Finding the balance between staying in touch + disconnecting

Travel Tuesday: Exploring the Pacific Northwest - Turns out there are a lot of lakes + rivers + waterfalls up there

Travel Tuesday: Under the Sea to Above the Clouds - From Badwater Basin to the summit of White Mountain in California

Travel Tuesday: Rim-to-River-to-Rim - Exploring the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on foot

Travel Tuesday: Packing the #YourLead Van - Preparing for three months on the road, living out of a van

Keeping Clean, Creatively - A few strategic ways to curbing the trail stank in the backcountry

Chasing Your First Adventure - Easy ways to get comfortable with exploring

Going Into “Vacation Mode” - It is okay to *not* adventure all the time

Nomadic Living: Getting Mom on Board - Convincing other that a nomadic life is a good idea


Trail Sisters

If you have a hot second, check out the #TrailSisters website + community. Better yet, scope out their trucker hats, Buffs + tshirts then snag one for yourself + your trail sister. Use HKFF2016 to gt 15% off your purchase then flaunt you sweet new gear around the trails! Also…if you have an exceptionally inspiration female in your life, nominate them for the Sister Spotlight!

New Ways to Explore Snowy Trails - Ditch your running shoes + pick up snowshoes or cross country skis to get some solid winter cross training

Volunteering at Trail Races - An outline of what volunteers do at trail races + how just one day of volunteering could change your mind about trail running

Giving Back to the Trails - A short list of how you can give back to the trails + help keep them open to all of the trail users that love them

Just Not Right Now - It’s okay to love the trails but hate them in the moment, having a rough day does not mean you’ve lost your love for the wilderness

The Silver Lining of Injuries - Injuries suck, but you can learn a lot during your unwanted recovery time

Fearful for Your Safety - Tips to stay safe + feel safe out on the trails [group effort, multiple contributors]

Trail Karma - Pick up #trailtrash on your adventures + Mother Nature will reward you, probably

Owning Your Headspace - It’s okay to have a bad day; embrace it + learn from it

Training for Technique, Not Miles - Focus on a specific technique rather than speed/distance to give your brain a rest

Adventure Essentials - A non-traditional list of a few things you must take along on every adventure

Trails Beyond Your Backyard - Tips for finding new trails to explore without getting [too] lost on new trails

Sierra Trading Post

Become a Stronger Runner - Going beyond the miles to run stronger

Be Safe: Running + Hiking Safely - The basic must-do’s to stay safe on the roads + trails

How To: Packing a 14 Day Hike into a 30L Pack - Strategic packing for backcountry adventures

Running Recovery Hacks - Make your own ice pack + find ways to improvise recovery gadgets

How to Pick Trail Running Shoes - So many options…find how what sets them apart from each other

Which Hydration Pack is Right for You - Discover the pros + cons of belts, vests and packs on the trails

Surviving Your First Trail Run - Proof trail running really is not that scary or difficult

5 Reasons to go Trail Running - Just a few excuses to get outside + hit the trails