Training While Traveling

I’ve been abroad for the past four weeks + traveling on a weekly basis for the past two months. To say my life has been all over the place would be…well, a very literal statement. There was still snow on the ground in Colorado when I signed up for the […]


Oh hai + welcome to the oversharing! I live in the Rocky Mountains in a little tourist town surrounded by bustling ski resorts, rugged mountain peaks + endless miles of dirt ribbon trails.  My winters are spent working at a resorts’ emergency room while my summers are spent roaming trails […]

Getting Back on the Splitboard

Winter is finally here, sort of. At least we’re getting a bit of snow here + there. Our trees aren’t exactly drooping in snowflakes + there are still plenty of rocks poking through the flakes we do have. But…snow is snow. We haven’t had many truly cold days but at […]