At the moment I’m bouncing about, overly stoked on life. Why?! Because I got up before the sunshine, pretended to go climbing indoors [it’s been a while, I’m rustier than I care to admit] + got productive. All of this happened before any sort of caffeine even seeped into the air around me. I’m not sure what’s up with this ambitious + glee, but I’m going to go ahead + be okay with it. Naw, I’ll do more than that…I’ll embrace it + set my alarm early for tomorrow, too!

I’m back at work, getting paid to be an EMT as part of my full-time job. It took me three years of random pre-hospital gigs to get to this point, but I’m here + it’s not too bad. I will say, working in an ER was not very high on my radar when I finished up my first round of EMT training. However, actually getting paid to be an EMT wasn’t anywhere on my radar when I started the training. I simply needed something different + the EMT courses fit the bill, so I went for it.

Weird how life evolves like that — something piques your interest for a bit, you chase after the shiny thing then bam, you’ve gone + changed up your whole stinking life. That’s how the majority of my big life changes have come to be over the years. The career change, the impulsive traveling, the freelance writing…all due to happenstance opportunities + successful accidents.

Now, rather than ponder how life happens, let’s talk about what’s happening in life. Here’s what I’m up to, currently…

…trying to find my voice + energy after fighting off a silly head cold, apparently I have 7 days of hacking left.

…planning next springs’ travels as a way to cope with the transition back to full-time not-so-remote work at the ER.

…stuck between Norway + the UK, although it looks like the England, Ireland + Scotland might win our love this time.

…also putting Chalet Martin on the calendar for next spring + trying to convince my mother to join me for a bit.

…figuring out how to bake at extra high elevation with decent success, according to Thanksgiving’s pumpkin bars.

…hosting Thanksgiving, again, without any disasters or bouts of food poisoning (might make this a *thing*).

…slowly killing the herbs I’m trying to grow, but I’m blaming the lack of sunshine due to winter + such.

…successfully keeping my composting worms alive + happy!

…still reading more than 5 books, courtesy of ebooks, audio books + book books. phew.

…picking back up with climbing, a solid 5 steps behind where I left off…baby steps, tho, right?!

…still not running on the regular + [not so] surprisingly okay with it.

…keeping up my streak of volunteering at all the races, because it’s becoming more fun than running them.

…letting Max be my excuse to get outside on the regular, if only for short hikes or frisbee sessions.

…whipping a walk in closet into the near perfect gear/tech closet…sort of. more baby steps.

…taking on more writing + social marketing gigs, simply because I do enjoy the creative side of this.

…thinking you should check out these excuses to get outside, created by yours truly for Aravalli Outdoors!

…loving caffeine + its effect on me, but trying to rein it in so I can keep the highs high.

…not frolicking in snow, because we don’t have much + what we do have is either iced over or man-made.

With that, it’s time to grab another cup of coffee. Maybe. Either way, I think that’s about the gist of what I’ve been doing with my time lately. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of outside time — a mix of work schedules, head colds, early darkness + ice-covered trails are wrapped up into my current excuse. Honestly, that’s not even a very weak creation of excuses, because sometimes life gets in the way + that’s a-okay!

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