Girls’ Weekend; Colorado-Style

I live a pretty cyclical life — my summers are spent roaming the country + world while my winters are spent working my leggings off in a resort town. This lifestyle isn’t exactly conducive to a small, close-knit group of friends due to constant movement + a crazy work schedule. Instead, it gives me the opportunity to meet all sorts of awesome people that float through my life from time to time. Every once in a while a handful of these cool kids get the same days off work. This happened last month [after a lot of co-worker bribery]. To celebrate we headed into the backwoods of Northern Colorado for our version of “girl’s weekend”.



I wore a puffy jacket this morning…with a summery dress + sandals. I guess that means it’s August in the mountains? Maybe we’ll actually get some fall weather this year? Chilly mornings + steamy afternoons…ah, one can hope! Of course, I’ll take anything that doesn’t involve the lapping flames of […]


I just did a search on my site + realized I have been writing these “currently” posts since late 2014, almost four years. In those years I have only missed a few updates + usually because I’m way too busy living to remember to write about living. That’s a good […]