My version of running; on the trails, along the highways, up the mountains, through the cities.

travel thoughts

With no check list; my only goal is to get out there, experience life + see what the world has for me!

trails + tents

Hitting the trails with a backpack, tent + that little tickle for adventure…rain, snow or shine!

Oh, hai + welcome! I’m Heidi, the face + voice behind the vast majority of the stories you’ll find here on Heidi Kumm // Oversharing Life. I live in the Rocky Mountains in a little tourist town surrounded by bustling ski resorts, rugged mountain peaks + endless miles of dirt ribbon trails. This is my happy place, yet I’m only here about 6 months out of the year. I spend my summers roaming the world on foot, by train or in my car. This is usually where my most exciting stories come from. My winters are spent working as an EMT at a ski resort emergency room + getting to know the mountains in my backyard. You’ll find stories about the time I spend on the trails, adventures I encounter while traveling, my attempts at ultra training + tangents outlining my thoughts on life. You will *not* find very much useful information about baking pies, brewing kombucha, fermenting sourdough or growing herbs…although lately I’ve been doing all of those things, too! So, stick around + read a bit. If you come up with any questions…shoot me a message on Facebook or find me on Instagram! Happy wandering!

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Take a peek at my latest stories about trail runs, mountain explorations + traveling adventures.
friends + feelings


I wore a puffy jacket this morning…with a summery dress + sandals. I guess that means it’s August in the mountains? Maybe we’ll actually get some fall weather this year? Chilly mornings + steamy afternoons…ah, Read more…

friends + feelings


I just did a search on my site + realized I have been writing these “currently” posts since late 2014, almost four years. In those years I have only missed a few updates + usually Read more…